How it works

1: Telegraf collects your metrics

Opsgrid is designed for use with Telegraf, an open source server agent. You configure it to collect what you'd like to monitor and send your metrics to Opsgrid.

2: Opsgrid checks your alerts

When Opsgrid receives metrics it checks each row against alert conditions you specify. If any host's status has changed, it emails you.

3: Opsgrid writes to your spreadsheets

Each row is written with its Telegraf timestamp to Google Sheets like the example above. Each Telegraf host - a server, database, container, etc - has its data written to a separate spreadsheet, created as needed.

Why use Opsgrid?

Save money

Opsgrid will be priced much lower than competitors since it doesn't need to store your data.

Increase retention

Store per-host data up to Google's limits, about 1 year of per-minute rows at 10 columns.

Eliminate lock-in

Your data is always yours, and you can easily migrate to any provider that supports a Telegraf output format.

Simplify analysis

Easily analyze, embed, and download your data using Google Sheet's built-in features.

Track more metrics

A wide range of metric sources are supported by Telegraf's open source input plugins.